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Independent Thinking

Independent Thinking - Fall 2013
Independent Thinking is the quarterly journal of Evercore Wealth Management
John Apruzzese

John Apruzzese, Investing at High Altitudes. Click to play.

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Jewelle Bickford

Jewelle Bickford, Partner and Wealth Advisor, Evercore Wealth Management. Click to play.

February 26, 2014

John Apruzzese: "Investing at High Altitudes"

Evercore Wealth Management CIO John Apruzzese discusses the firm's current investment outlook. more >
January 21, 2014

Howard Cure: California - First in Pension Reform?

Californians need never be bored. There is almost always a pending referendum to argue about. Since the state constitution was opened to amendments by the people in 1911, over 300 have come to a vote, ranging from the sublime to the ridiculous. For municipal bond investors, this time it's personal. more >
October 10, 2013

Howard Cure: California in Context: Head West, Young Bond Investor

California has made significant progress over the past three years on its path to fiscal stability, including balancing its budget while projecting to reduce its backlog of obligations to local governments and agencies by 84.5%. The state is not entirely out of the woods, as its history of undisciplined spending has undermined many a prudent fiscal plan, and its local municipalities remain at risk. more >
April 22, 2014

Julie Krieger Featured in the Wall Street Journal Adviser Column

Julie Krieger's work with an extended family was profiled in the Wall Street Journal's Adviser section. She described the management of a trust now worth $20 million that was originally established by an entrepreneur and her efforts to preserve the assets for his wife, daughter and grandchildren. more >
April 07, 2014

Evercore Wealth Management Expands to Florida, Names Three New Partners

Evercore Wealth Management LLC today announced the opening of an office in Florida, to serve high net worth individuals, families and related institutions with integrated financial planning and investment management. In a related move, the firm named three new partners. more >
March 24, 2014

Howard Cure Interviewed by Governing Magazine on Detroit Finances

Detroit's proposed plan to exit bankruptcy could further damage its financial position, said Howard Cure, Director of Municipal Bond Research at Evercore Wealth Management, in an interview with Governing magazine. more >